You Were Missed

A bunch of friends got together for a birthday party recently, and we couldn’t make it because of family obligations. But I received a simple text-message from a friend that said, “I made your pineapple salad tonight. It was delicious. Missed you guys.”

I’ll admit. I’m a “words guy.” But this text meant a lot to me and after thinking about it and this is why. It’s easy to say to someone “I’m glad you’re here.” They’re standing in front of you. You gotta say something. And while we usually mean it, sometimes we say “I’m glad you’re here,” even when we don’t really mean it.

But “I missed you,” or “I wish you could have been there,” is more significant than that. There’s no obligation. There’s no expectation. There’s no awkward social exchange that requires you to say something, even if you don’t mean it. And so, it’s rarely just something to say. And, it’s easy to acknowledge someone when they’re standing right in front of you. But to know someone is thinking about you even when you’re not present is touching.

It’s the same thing with unexpected gifts. Some other friends recently bought me a small gift while they were out of town. They saw something, thought of me, and bought it. Unexpected. They didn’t have to do it.  But they  thought about me – even when I wasn’t standing in front of them. And they love me enough to tell me. And so it means a lot.

I was thinking about it, and I don’t know that I say “I missed you” or “I wish you were able to make it,” very often. But I think I’m going to start trying…

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